Guided Meditation and Music for Cultivating Presence
This CD reflects an inspirational duet between spoken word and music. Dr. Geller facilitated four guided practices of presence. In turn, the musicians listened and embodied the meditative practices and together created music on world instruments from their in the moment experience of presence.

Being in the moment with oneself and others is healthy and growth promoting. However, slowing down in a fast-paced world takes practice and intention. Cultivating Presence offers a restful way of opening to the moment by listening to guided imagery and meditation, with music created on world instruments while embodying the qualities of presence. This audio begins with a description of how mindfulness and music can improve health and well-being and enhance present moment awareness. Drawing on over 20 years of practicing mindfulness, combined with clinical wisdom and empirical research, Dr. Shari Geller guides us through four powerful meditations, reflecting the four embodied qualities of relational presence:
  • Grounding – Centered, steady and in contact with yourself
• Immersion – Absorbed and deeply engaged in the moment
• Expansion – Spacious and able to sense the whole of a
• With and For Another – Compassionately connected with
Dr. Geller teaches us that presence is accessible through intentional pausing and opening to the moment. By receiving these guided practices, an experiential process can be ignited that will nudge your body and brain towards cultivating greater presence and harmony within yourself and with others.