Dr. Shari Geller's Articles


A Practical Guide to Cultivating Therapeutic Presence (2017)

Therapeutic Presence: A Mindful Approach to Effective Therapy (2012)


Cultivating Presence:  Mindfulness Practices for Opening to The Moment (2012)


Creating Safety: Therapeutic presence and the Polyvagal Theory (2014)

Therapeutic Presence as a Foundation for Relational Depth (2013)

Therapeutic Presence: An Essential Way of Being (2013)

Therapeutic Presence: A Fundamental Common Factor in the Provision of Effective Psychotherapy (2012)

Therapist and client perceptions of therapeutic presence: The development of a measure (2010)

Therapeutic presence measure TPI – T (therapist version)

Therapeutic presence measure TPI – T (therapist version) - French Version

Therapeutic presence measure TPI – C (client version)

Therapeutic presence measure TPI – C (client version) - French Version

Cultivation of Therapeutic Presence: Therapeutic drumming and Mindfulness practices (2009)

De ontwikkeling van therapeutische presentie: therapeutisch drummen en mindfulness-oefeningen (German translation)

The Power of Drumming: Healing through Sound and Rhythm (2006)

Becoming Whole: A collaboration between experiential psychotherapies and mindfulness meditation (2004)

Therapeutic Presence: Therapists’ experience of presence in the psychotherapy encounter (2002)

La Presence Therapeutique (French translation)

Therapeutic Presence and the Naturopathic Doctor: Bringing one’s whole self into the encounter with the patient (2002)

Congruence and Therapeutic presence (2001)

Peer responses to social interaction with depressed adolescents (1992)